Forest Markings 
Art + Ecology

Location: BC, Canada
Date: 2021–ongoing
Media: Forest, masonry string, zip ties, survey flags
Dimensions: Various
Granting Agency: Canada Council for the Arts (CCA)

In a nascent stage, this work is rooted in natural settings, researching the potential of a landscape art that functions ecologically and sculpturally, whether temporary or long-term. How might nature serve as a co-creator and, over time, inseparable from the initial artistic intervention?  

Evan Tremblay, a Métis artist and landscape designer, is collaborator and provocateur in the ongoing development of the study. Based in Winnipeg, his separate yet cojoined work (also supported by the CCA) explores “a respectful and ritualized engagement with the surrounding forest” resulting in the “genesis of artistic intention, guiding the development of interactive video-art as externalized connection”. 

[Note: Regional Park access was granted through a special permit.]