Illustration and graphic work
ABOVE: Series of illustrations for Marc Treib’s forthcoming book “Poodling: On the Just Shaping of Shrubbery” (2023). Sample shown: “The Town and Country”, after Miss Cleo (Mrs. Kay Waldschmidt), Poodling Clipping Book (No city given: T.F.H. Publications, 1962). 

BELOW: My background in environmental design, cultural landscapes, ecology, and policy come together in much of the consulting work I do around conservation and community development. This is highly collaborative work – especially with communities. The foundation of the approach emerges from processes and methods embedded in community values, well-being, and culture. The aim is to bring transformational change to systems, ways of knowing, and ways of acting.   

Samples below are from community development / workshop documents produced for the Gwich’in Tribal Council (co-written with Sarah Daitch) and three planning documents that formed a Report on Landscape Significance at the Museum of Anthropology (MoA) in Vancouver BC (co-written with Jan Haenraets).