Museum of Anthropology 
Landscape Rehabilitation 

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Date: 2017–2022
Commissioned by: UBC
Collaborator: Jan Haenraets (heritage conservation)
Contributors: Beryl Allen (construction management), Ariel Vernon (advisor), Marc Treib (advisor), Sarah Daitch (community engagement)
Design: Alyssa Schwann
[project initially undertaken with Jan Haenrates and Beryl Allen] With Nick Milkovich Architects, were were selected for new work at the Museum of Anthropology [MOA], in partnership with MOA, UBC, and the Musqueam Nation. A 'total' environment conceived by Arthur Erickson and first opened in 1975, this was (and remains) an innovative museum on many levels. MOA is located on the ancestral homeland of the Musqueam Nation.

In 2020–2022, Schwann and Haenraets facilitated a process to develop a landscape-specific Statement of Significance (SOS) for MOA. The SOS for the MOA landscape was conceived as a planning and land stewardship tool, offering a first step in developing a more equitable, and socially/spatially just, conservation plan for the ongoing management of the landscape.